Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kathy's Trip to Argentina

One of Sanders Travel’s advisors, Kathy, visited Argentina to take part in the BUY Argentina Travel Trade show as well as visiting the wine region of the country, Mendoza.

Kathy’s jam packed trip started in Buenos Aires, where she experienced no jet lag. Buenos Aires is only a two hour difference from Central Standard Time in the US, so she was able to keep her sleep schedule and wake up refreshed. She stayed one night in the Alvear Palace Hotel, a luxury hotel located in the center of the cosmopolitan city. From this hotel you are in walking distance of most everything; shopping, restaurants, even La Recoleta Cemetery, where Eva Peron is buried. Kathy recommends getting a guide to show you this cemetery as there are many famous people and interesting stories in this popular attraction. The hotel has a classic, old style feel with impeccable service and great food. Kathy told us that the bellboy anticipated her departure and before she could call down, he was at her door waiting for her bag.

Her next hotel took her to the Sofitel Cardales. This hotel is best for businessmen and conventions, as it is in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and not near many activities. There she attended BUY Argentina, a weekend of conversing with Argentinean vendors and other travel advisors about the beautiful and extremely diverse country.

From Buenos Aires, Kathy flew one and a half hours to Mendoza, the wine country of Argentina. She stayed at the InterContinental Mendoza, a city hotel with attentive employees, a casino and a great shopping mall across the street. From here Kathy visited many wineries throughout Mendoza and experienced tasting many Malbec wines (Mendoza is the top producer of Malbec wines in the world). She had the pleasure of visiting two hotels in the wine country that she couldn't stop raving about.

The Vines Resort & Spa is in the Uco Valley surrounded by a vineyard and a breathtaking backdrop of the Andes Mountains. You are truly in the middle of nowhere. This small boutique hotel has a restaurant where they cook on seven different fires and keep the wine flowing. Each room is separate from the others, like little casitas giving you the seclusion and peacefulness you desire.

The next hotel was the Cavas Wine Lodge, where literally everywhere you look are grape vines. The pathways are surrounded by vines, you room has vines right outside the door, even the restaurant has vines encompassing it. Each casita has the dark, Spanish feel and look you would expect from this part of the world, giving it the feeling of home.

Kathy had so much fun in Argentina and could not stop raving about it when she returned to the office. We are so glad that she could share her experiences with us and you.

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