Monday, March 17, 2014

Global Entry - How to Become A Member & the Benefits

Have you ever wondered what Global Entry or the Trusted Traveler Program is? What it entails? What it's benefits are? Here are your answers:

Global Entry/Trusted Traveler is a program that allows US citizens to expedite their process coming IN to the US via customs. (Note: this does not expedite the process when entering a foreign country). After a thorough background check plus paying a $100.00 non-refundable fee, you will be asked to travel to an enrollment location (one is at the DFW airport) for an interview. After the interview, in approved, you will be accepted into the program.

Sanders Travel loves the Global Entry program. One of our advisors, Michelle, told us that when she was traveling from London to Dallas/ Fort Worth, the customs line was easily over 2,000 people waiting. She went through in less than two minutes.

The benefits include:

  •       Expedited customs coming IN to the US via an electronic kiosk. You do not wait in a customs line.
  •       No need to fill out a (blue) customs form when entering the US
  •       Automatic TSA pre check which expedited the process going through TSA security  at participating airports
  •       Your Global Entry ID card is an acceptable secondary ID and lasts for five years

The online application asks you for detailed background information such as:

  •       All of the information on your passport
  •        Where you have lived in the last 15 years (month, year)
  •        Where you have worked in the last 5-10 years (month, year)
  •        Family member information
  •        Contact information
  •        Credit card information
  •        Where you have traveled in the last 5-10 years (month, year)
  •     And additional questions
Here are some useful links:
If it seems like applying for Global Entry will take up too much of you time, Sanders Travel will fill out the application and help you schedule an interview appointment for a $50.00 service fee. Contact Michelle Dow or Debbie Pittman to begin the process today.

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